Sofia Tech Innovators Program

Sofia Tech Innovators Program is a tech agnostic, flexible, hands-on program, which tailors the specific needs of young innovators in South East Europe. It combines elements of incubation, acceleration and tech transfer.


Enjoy one of the 35+ dedicated seats…
Or one of the many common space spots…

Club House

Club House is a multifunctional space for networking and informal events. It is designed to boost productivity, create connections between people and spread the accumulated knowledge in the tech and scientific worlds. It’s the go-to place for internal or external corporate meetings, team buildings, presentations, and other smaller-scale events in the innovative ecosystem. 

Event Spaces

If you need an even more flexible space for larger groups of people, then the Smart Classroom is your place. It is great for all sort of trainings and workshops, as well as for formal and informal events for up to 100 people.

It has got flexible work tables and plenty of wall space to stick your notes all around the place.