First birthday of Groworking and Club House by Sofia Tech Park

Groworking team

Dear friends and partners,

This month is special for us. We celebrate the first birthday of Groworking and Club House by Sofia Tech Park.

The past year has given us many lessons, and for us the most important ones are to be constant, consistent, open to the new, be creative and stay positive, so that together we can successfully go through difficulties and unexpected twists so together we create and improve the environment, which we live and work. 

Of course, the path of growth goes much easier side by side with partners, like-minded people and friends. Together we discussed ideas, projects, and development opportunities. We created 10 clubs of interests, which came to life offline and online in Club House.

To be together, despite the limitations, we broadcasted over 75 hours of audio and video content in more than 60 digital and hybrid events for our corporate partners and start-ups, with an audience of over 80,000 viewers.

All this gives us confidence to say – We succeeded together!

Thank you for being part of our community!

Unfortunately, the situation does not allow us to celebrate our first year properly, but we believe that better times will come soon, when we will be able to get together “live” again.

We thank all our groworkers and clubhousers for their confidence and wish them many new successful projects, born and developed in Sofia Tech Park.

For more networking and event information, follow Club House on Facebook, where you can always find a home for your digital event.

Our new package services are waiting for you at Groworking,  to enjoy the comfort of our co-working space. If you haven’t booked your seat yet, you can do so here.

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