Business Club is a student organization, which works to improve the opportunities for successful careers of students from Sofia University Faculty of Economics since its founding in 1997.

Our Club aims to develop its participants’ leadership, management and economic skills by solving practical cases. Therefore, we invite our partners from the business community to supplement the knowledge and together with the theory to create synergy.

There are two main goals that we have been trying to achieve for some time:

  • To build an “awake” community that we are all proud of. A community in which we all develop. A community in which our new members undergo trainings, workshops and projects that develop their skills unprecedentedly! We believe that entrepreneurs are the future of our country. That’s why together we create a community and look to the future.
  • To create an inspiring environment and a stable connection between the participants. From day one, we have been working to create a stimulating and friendly environment and we can proudly say we succeeded.

If you want to join please write to office@businessclub.bg

Business Club is a student organization, located in Sofia University Faculty of Economics. In the past few years over 40 ambitious students, united by the idea of a strong, vigilant and united student community, joined the club. Together we realized 12 successful projects and 38 crazy events.

The mission of the Business Club is to support the professional qualification and realization of the students from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and to create opportunities for students through their work in the organization to develop qualities necessary for success in their future careers, as well as to gain practical experience and skills.

These are precisely these cases that have become our cause! At the end of the day, the positive change in our environment and the personal example we set with our actions are the most important things for us in order to be able to inspire other young Bulgarians.

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