It’s Christmas again!

Here in Groworking we are already getting ready for our favorite holiday – Christmas! And since Christmas is all about traditions and gifts, we have decided that this year, just like the last, we will give every loyal Groworker a gift. If you are our member for more than 2 months, then just enter HERE and grab the package “Christmas promotion”. It will give you an additional 5 hot day passes for free! And if you are new to the community, you can also enjoy our free trial passes that you can get here.
If you like to learn more about Groworking call us or drop us a line at incubator@sofiatech.bg.

We wish you a great Christmas session! 

Flexibility is our second name! The new promotional packages from Groworking!

We know what is most important for our community. We care for our members and in order to create the most favorable conditions, we consulted the most loyal of them and together created the NEW flexible promotional packages.

2020 was a difficult year full of challenges, so we decided to start 2021 more positively, offering you not conditions – but freedom of membership. We have also added several types of promotions that complement the excellent work and networking opportunities in Groworking.

If you also work on a schedule or on a rotating principle, then you will probably be pleased with the news that from the beginning of 2021 we introduced the Team rotation principle. This way all your colleagues will be able to enjoy the tranquility of Groworking.

Don’t forget to get a 20% discount for all plans except Hot desks, and if you decide to get more than 3 subscriptions then the discount is 38%.

We have also decided to create a hybrid model of Dedicated Hot Desk! Use your reserved desk flexibly for 3 months on the price for one, receiving 29 daily passes!

There are only few free spots in Groworking, so contact us to choose the most suitable plan for you together.

And for all loyal Groworking members, who have been with us for more than 2 months we have prepared a Christmas gift – an additional 5 days of free hot desk until 01.01.2021.

See you there!

Groworking stays open!

We are pleased to inform you that Groworking stays open!


While you are enjoying the snow idyll in the park that surrounds our warm office spaces, we are offering a safe working environment by maintaining all precautionary measures concerning the Covid-19 pandemic.   

Meanwhile, Park Cafe also remains open, although, you are not going to be able to enjoy the cozy spots of the restaurant – Park Cafe is offering only takeaway food.

Last but not least, we are offering new packages in support of the start-up innovation ecosystem, scientists, freelancers and all that are economically affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Soon we will announce our new antiCovid promotional packages!

Follow us, so you don’t miss our new promotional packages!


Where to find even more discounts

What can we say, 2020 was a strange year and we can all agree about that. That’s why we are trying to make things easy for you. We have one more surprise waiting to be discovered.

Now you can look for 20% discount vouchers which can be used for all packages except the hot desks and meeting rooms. The vouchers can be found at the “Resto” restaurant , at the reception or here in Groworking.

The vouchers are valid until the end of 2021.

Hurry up and get yours!

Magic! Dedicated desk goes flexible!

You have bought a dedicated desk but haven’t time to use it due to pandemic lockdown?👀 Don’t worry. We have a solution for you. 😏🐱‍🏍
Here in Groworking we have extended the therm for the monthly packages and now you can use your dedicated desk montly subscription until the end of the year.

How is this possible? Its simple! We will give you 31 passes or as much as you have left unused days according to your plan and you can use them whenever you want. There you go, pure magic✨🎇 We call it COVIDesk!

Groworking is on-line!

In response to the challenges COVID-19 introduces in our daily lives and in the emergency situation announced in Bulgaria, we are moving our activities on-line. We have temporarily restricted physical access to Groworking and Club House and are all working remotely. However, we continue to be responsible to our community and the overall startup ecosystem in Bulgaria and have introduced a number of measures and opportunities to ensure the business continuity of our members.

All active and paid memberships will be freezed for the period of the validity of the Order of the Ministry of Health. After that period all memberships will be automatically restored, together with all features and unused functionalities. 

We continue to conduct Club Meetings online via platforms for video-conferencing, to organize virtual member events, or meetings and other on-line courses and workshops. 

During that period, you can always contact us via e-mail, telephone, on the members’ portal and any other online tool.

The Groworking team