Growork with us

Science-based innovation! This is the focus of Groworking Space. We believe that real innovation, the one that the world has not yet seen is born in labs of research organizations. We want to see this innovation on the market. That’s why Groworking was created – to grow and support the projects of innovators, inventors, researchers, entrepreneurs and all people with ideas.

Sofia Tech Park

Sofia Tech Park is the first science and technology park in Bulgaria. It was created to facilitate the collaboration among research instititions, businesses, academia and the society. Its mission is to support the development of applied science in the regiona and support its commercialization. Sofia Tech Park brings together key players from the innovation ecosystem – startups, VCs, innovative SMEs, established corporations, research institutions, high schools, universities, and business supporting organizations. That’s why we believe it is highly probable you find your spot with us.

“We’ve got labs”

Btw, we’ve got trees, playgrounds, and green spaces as well. It’s a park after all. We really recommend laptoping on the benches any day from spring to autumn. 


We believe that the community is the most valuable asset of Groworking. You’ll meet like-minded people that


When we designed Groworking, we really wanted to it to feel like at home. Take a glimpse at our crib. See how it feels to be part of the family.